The Veil Makes the Bride
Unique and Personal...

Custom Designed,
One of a Kind,
Hand Sewn,

Monogrammed Bridal Veils.

Traditional, Cathedral & Bird Cage
Veils and Hair Accessories
All Custom Made...
to your Dreams!

"The Veil Makes the Bride"
We create handmade , one-of-a-kind, custom Bridal Veils, with the unique touch of the Bride's Personal Mongram.  This beautiful custom made veil will forever be a part of your family history.  Imagine passing this heirloom Veil down to your daughter on her Wedding Day...

We have Bird Cage Veils, Hair Combs for you and your Bridal Party, Flip Flops, Vintage Monogrammed Wedding Hankercheifs, and of course, the "Lucky" Sixpence for your Shoe.  Let us make your Wedding Day even more personal and special....

We are located in Las Vegas, Nevada but love working with Bride's from all over! With Skype, scanning, pictures, email's, and of course phone conversations. We can create the perfect custom, Handmade, Monogrammed, Veils and Accessories just for you!

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Arlene DeLuca
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